Recently the processes of automation have influence to technology and industrial sectors of the economy primarily. Now an important trend is the introduction of these processes on the «domestic level» with the Internet, smart devices and evolution Internet of things (IoT). Development, implementation and applying of HT require experience and skills in several areas of knowledge.

We offer HT solutions in the following areas, combining long-term experience of our experts in the field of information technology, telecommunication, computer networks and energy:

  • Implementation the technological systems of industrial and commercial energy metering (AMR).
  • Development and installation of automatic backup power supply systems.
  • Remote manage and monitoring the engineering infrastructure of remote process equipment.
  • Implementation the remote monitoring and manage of private or apartment buildings and grounds, implementation «smart home» systems.
  • Creation the energy-efficient office management systems, industrial and commonly used lighting.
  • Development and installation of video surveillance systems and access control.
  • Creation and maintenance of corporate information and e-mail systems based on open-source software.
  • Design, installation and maintenance of corporate computer networks (LAN) and telephone networks.
  • IT consulting.
  • Automation of production processes based on programmable logic controllers (PLCs).
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