Industrial Automation (Automatization)

Industrial Automation (Automatization)

Industrial companies are faced with a number of problems that may affect their work now. It is no secret that the fixed assets of many companies have a high degree of wear, which increases the risk of equipment failure and reduced productivity due to frequent stops for rescue and recovery operations. The task of monitoring the production equipment in real-time for diagnosis of industrial safety at high level becomes very important to minimize production losses and prevent severe failures.

In addition, the automation of production processes can increase productivity while reducing energy costs while improving product quality.

The solutions offered by the company «HT-Solutions» designed to provide industrial safety control of equipment, minimize downtime and avoid accidents. In conjunction with the monitoring SCADA-systems, they are designed to:

  • ensure the energy consumption accounting by individual units of equipment;
  • provide emergency situations signals: about fires, spills of liquids, smoke, gas contamination, etc.;
  • allow to get informed about the critical value of the physical environmental parameters (temperature, pressure, concentration of the substance, and etc.).

For example, the production equipment can be fitted with sensors that are able to capture changes its operating parameters. Systems of control, acquisition and analysis offered by «HT-Solutions», make it possible to determine the probability of failure, and then schedule the preventive measures to maintenance. This is intended to ensure the durable operation of the equipment as much as possible eliminating the likelihood of costly repairs and unplanned downtime.

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