Automated system of technical account of energy resources

Automation of technical account of energy allows you to receive data on the current consumption of resources, to provide a visual representation for a certain period of time (hour, day, month, year), allows to monitor the condition of meters, transformers and feeders. This needs to evaluate the effect of energy-saving technologies and helps to deal with losses of energy.

We propose the introduction of a variety of data collection systems from metering devices using a variety of data channels: both wired (RS-485, Ethernet, PLC, etc.) and wireless (3G/GPRS/CSD, WiFi, 433MHz, etc.).

Backup power supply

The modern country house has full of sophisticated appliances and expensive life-support systems (boilers, pumps, air conditioners etc.). Therefore qualitative secure mains are the key to a comfortable life of residents and to long work equipment. In most cases for this used generators on the basis of an internal combustion engine: gasoline, diesel or natural gas. This equipment provides a stable power supply during power outages or significant deviation of electrical parameters of mains. To ensure power supply all the load (or ensure power most critical load: heating system, security system, etc.) is used combination of generator with source of backup power, based on the use of batteries or renewable energy sources: solar, wind, etc.

To automate of switching between the main mains and generator, as well as for the integration of batteries or solar power system used the system of automatic transfer switch (ATS). Microcontrollers used by us provide full automatic process of generator running and monitoring of the operating parameters of a backup generator engine, ensuring the safety and reliability of the entire system. Optionally it is possible the remote monitoring of the power supply system.

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