Smart office

Smart office

Smart lighting

Often control of lighting in the office associates with complex and expensive electronic control systems that require considerable expenses for installation, commissioning and operation.

We want to dispel this misconception because modern lighting control system based on the controlled light-emitting diode (LED) and microcontrollers allow us to make inexpensive easy used decisions, providing maximum comfort for the person and the lowest possible energy costs, allowing achieve savings of 65-70%.

The intellectual office-lighting control system (IOCS) developed by źHT-Solutions╗ automatically controls the level of illumination in offices, depending on the level of natural light in the operating room. It providing a given level of illumination on the working surface in accordance with the health standards, depending of the presence or absence people indoors. The common areas (corridors, halls and etc.) this system provides the necessary light level where a person is present. Our solution can be used both independently and as part of an integrated building management system.

Video surveillance and access control

Today It is hard to imagine an office center without the elements of access control or surveillance. Companies strive to ensure the safety of personnel, equipment and information in order to minimize costs. The classic solution to these problems is the introduction of the video surveillance and access control systems providing information on current events, as well as the creation of an archive of past events.

Every day there is a large number of employees and visitors in the office. In order to exercise control over them, you need to track their movement, to ensure the required level of access to facilities and information systems.

This applies not only to employees and visitors, but also to their vehicles that arrive into the area near the office, as well as for freight transport for loading or unloading.

For example, the traditional way to control and restrict the entry into the office area or enterprise or courtyard area is the installation of various automatic barriers and gates. However, the installation of these devices at once causes inconveniences for users (residents, office workers, utilities service and etc.), as well as the manage to such systems is carried out either by the personal radio control or via operator button. Thus, after the barrier installation each user must purchase an expensive remote and to determine the serviceability of the battery. The relative yield of this situation is the presence of the operator (human), performing manual control of the system, but this method is associated with considerable monthly financial costs.

However, there is a modern solution to this problem by installing «GSM key». It allows the use of any mobile or landline phone to control a barrier. This microcontroller device allows you to control a barrier from any place in the world via a mobile network, but only from allowed phone numbers registered in the system. Thus, it provide controlled access to the area without operator and expensive remotes. This is true for any car, including emergency services or taxi. In addition the system stores the time and the phone number with the help of which has been opened the gate. For «advanced» users have the possibility to access control via voice dialing through the smatrphone service (ex. Google), or using NFC tags in a car. The one-time costs for installation these device is lower than the monthly cost of the operator who open the gate.

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